My name is Sarah Proper, but you can call me Sarah. or Proper. I am a Washington, DC based designer, developer and general art lover. I have a degree in New Media Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology and I am currently working as a Front-End Developer at Blue State Digital. I freelance as a designer and developer and I am always looking for new work.

I am a pixel pusher. I get giddy when talking about webfonts. I love a good css pun and learning cool new things CSS3 can do. I like to make the web beautiful.

Outside of design & development, I am an avid traveler, gardener, knitter and documentary enthusiast. I haven’t met a cheese pizza that I don’t like. I have cacti & pepper plants that I talk to, I never say no to brunch and I travel as often as I can. If I’m not elsewhere, eating or talking to my plants; you can catch me at a sporting event. I am a huge DC sports fan, holding Nationals and Capital season tickets.

Why an octopus? Well, the octopus is my favorite animal, but it is primarily because I like to do a lot of things. I am passionate about all aspects of design and development, from ui/ux design to setting up a wordpress site. I wish I had 8 arms, so I could do it all at once.

Me wearing my favorite Pink hat in Switzerland & a glimpse into my life via my Instagram feed

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