About Me

Hi there! I’m Sarah, the Owner and Creative Director of Sarah Proper Designs, LLC. I’m a Creative Front End Designer & Developer, located in sunny Denver, CO.

I am currently accepting new work! Big or small, web or print, Sarah Proper Designs is open for all your project needs. Drop a line on my contact page to get started bringing your project to life.

Get in touch with me here and check out my resume below.


Since building my first website at age 12, I’ve been in love with designing and building for the web. I continued pursing that passion through education by receiving a degree in New Media Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Go Tigers! During college, I completed 4 internships. My favorite was in the teeny-tiny town of Gais, Switzerland. Taking a break from work to breathe the mountain air and frolic with goats? Unbeatable.

Post-grad, I worked as a Front End Developer for digital agencies in the Washington, DC metro area, while running a freelance business on the side. Working in an agency exposed me to a wide range of work to-do: from website builds to email development, designing future features to implementing marketing recommendations, performing maintenance work on old projects to planning on new & long-term projects. I loved working in new situations with other teams to round out my skillset.

Freelancing taught me time management and gave me the space to learn how to run the whole show. Most importantly, it gave me the opportunity to take on the projects I truly wanted to work on.

In 2018, after years of agency work, freelancing, and some product work: I formally founded Sarah Proper Designs, LLC. My focus is on creating websites and other digital solutions for small businesses & nonprofits. I’m bringing more than just years of code knowledge and web savvy; I’m bringing a passion for accessibility for all and a commitment to clean, reusable code that looks good and functions better.

Outside of design & development, I’m an avid traveler, yogi / runner / triathlete, gardener and bookworm.I enjoy spending hours partially-lost on one of Colorado’s numerous hiking trails with my dog, Piper. In the summer, you may find me at a baseball game and in the winter, a hockey game. At both, I’ll usually have pizza and beer in hand. Go Nats! Go Caps!

Personal Accomplishments
  • 2021 Passed International Association of Accessibility Professional’s (IAAP) “Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies” (CPACC) examination. Credential ID: 21JFCSP081
  • 2020 Founded Pro-Bono Arm of SPD, LLC
  • 2020 Completed W3CX-CertifiedWAI0.1x: Intro to Web Accessibility” course.
  • 2019 Featured Speaker at the Fareharbor Conference: Orlando. Presented on Website Optimizations & Best Practices
  • 2018 A Drupal landing page built for Red Nose Day was featured on The Ellen Show and raised over $1 million in 24 hours, including a $20,000 donation from Jack Black.
  • 2017 Blue State Annual Hackathon Winner for Best New Product: Ad Block for Good. ABfG is a Google Chrome extension that turns # of ads blocked into a donation ask for charities.
  • 2017 Marketing Excellence Award won for Davis Construction’s website
  • 2016 RunWashington Ranked Runner: Top 25 Women 20-29
  • 2014 Graduated RIT with a BFA in New Media Design, Cum Laude
  • 2010 Gold Certificate Awarded for completion of 6 design classes & a portfolio review