About Me

Hi there! I’m Sarah, the Owner and Creative Director of Sarah Proper Designs, LLC. I’m a UX, Web Designer & Front End Developer, presently based in Denver, CO. 9-5, you’ll find me ripping at @FareHarbor as a Sites Engineer and Designer.

I am open and available for new work. Get in touch with me here and check out my resume below.


Since building my first website at age 12, I’ve been in love with designing and building for the web. I continued pursing that passion and received a degree in New Media Design from the Rochester Institute of Technology. Post-grad, I have been working as a Front End Developer for digital agencies in the DC metro area and running a side freelance business. After years of agency work and freelancing, I founded Sarah Proper Designs, LLC.

Outside of design & development, I’m an avid traveler, yogi / runner / triathlete, gardener and bookworm. If I’m not elsewhere, upside down or in a pool, tending to my cacti, or nose deep in a book; you can find me at a sporting event. I’m a huge baseball & hockey fan.

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