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Body Copy / Roboto Mono 15px / 23px. This is a standard paragraph created using the WordPress TinyMCE text editor. It has a strong tag, an em tag and a strikethrough which is actually just the del element.

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There are a few inline elements that can come up while writing text. These include abbr, bits of code and variables, inline quotations, inserted text, text that is no longer accurate or something so important you want to mark it or link to it. We can also style subscript and superscript characters like C02, here is our 2nd example.

  • Unordered list item one.
  • Unordered list item two.
  • Unordered list item three.
  • Unordered list item four.
  1. Ordered list item one.
  2. Ordered list item two.
  3. Ordered list item three.
  4. Ordered list item four.

Attention McNeil. We are reasonably satisfied with the events we have seen. Overall I would rate it a C+. Okay, not great. As a result we will not destroy your planet. But neither will we provide you with our recipe for immortality!
Lrrr, Ruler of the planet Omicron Persei 8

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