GiveGreen had a fundraising goal. They knew to reach that goal they needed to revamp their websites to better promote their mission and, ultimately, save our planet.

Agency: Blue State Digital
Role: Front End Developer
Tags: CMS Development, CSS, Drupal 8, ES6, Front End Development, Javascript, Marvel, Prototyping, Sass, Sketch, UX Design, Vue.js, Webpack
See It Live

Over the last ten years, donors have contributed over $17 million through GiveGreen. Looking forward, they set a goal to raise $11 million in the 2018 election cycle. BSD created a small agile team for the challenge. Designers, project managers and developers came together to create a candidate-forward website with a fully customized logged in experience that drove GiveGreen to their goal and beyond.

Working in a development team of 3, my primary responsibility was to develop the visual side of things; fully building out the homepage, directory and candidate detail page. Due to the rapid pace, I was able to use my ux / design skills by making decisions on interactivity and scalability. Using Drupal 8 Views and Vue.js (no not related and yes very confusing) we were able to create a library of extendable pieces which are quick to load and can be customized for different audience sets. The website has a robust logged in experience as well; allowing donors to create personal fundraising pages, view their donation history and more!