Global Ties

Global Ties U.S. powers individuals, communities, and nations to build trust, peace, and prosperity through international exchange. They needed a website that showcased their vision - and organized all their content.

Agency: ICP
Role: Lead Front End Developer, Web Developer
Tags: CMS Development, CSS, Front End Development, Javascript, InVision, Sass, Sketch, Wordpress
See It Live Interactive Map

President Kennedy’s Administration in 1961 founded Global Ties U.S. They believe that international exchanges create the foundation for cooperation, respect, and social trust between leaders in government, business, and civil society. Through the Global Ties Network, communities across the United States are connected to the world through international exchange programs.

On contract with ICP, Sarah Proper Designs was hired to build the custom WordPress theme for Global Ties. The website organizes all of the content into 6 unique post types. Tags drive how different areas of the website is populated. For example, the posts can be tagged with a state, which then populates content on the interactive map.

A highlight of this project is the interactive map. It’s entirely custom utilizing it’s own post type for the data and an svg for the map. Be sure to check it out!