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Agency: Sarah Proper Designs LLC
Role: Visual Designer, Lead Front End Developer, Web Developer
Tags: CMS Development, CSS, Front End Development, Javascript, Prototyping, Shopify, Sketch, UX Design
Kinfield Blog Recycling Page

In April of 2020, Kinfield had launched their Better Together campaign – only to find their main sign up button broken. With their current developer unavailable, SPD was asked to step in. After a successful fix was deployed quickly (first contact to fix was only a few hours!), we were asked to become the contract developer for Kinfield.

Since we began our partnership, we’ve built features both big and small. From building an entirely new blog to integrating  third party services – we’re the people in charge of the Shopify website.

Projects completed include:

  • Designed & developed a custom Recycling Page
  • Built a custom Blog Index & Blog Post Page
  • Created Homepage Press Slider
  • Styled Cart Page & Expanded Cart Flyout Functionality
  • Implemented Waitlist & Sold Out Functionality on Product Pages
  • Expanded Main Menu Navigation
  • Integrated third parties
  • Addressed Various Bugs & Stylistic Adjustments

The Kinfield website is dotted with “hints of joy” – a sunshine emoji here, a wavy squiggle there – try and find them all.