Metron is solving real world national security problems with cutting-edge math & science. Missing airplane? Not a problem. So we built them a website as innovative as they are.

Agency: WDG
Role: Lead Front End Developer, Web Developer
Tags: CMS Development, CSS, Front End Development, Javascript, Sass, Sketch, Twig, Wordpress
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Metron excels in applied mathematics, operations research, physical modeling and more. They are problem solvers who enjoy working in agile teams to design nimble solutions to global problems. We channeled that energy into making them a flexible, component-based WordPress website.

On contract with WDG, Sarah Proper Designs was hired to build the entire WordPress site from front to back. The website is built primarily of 15 flexible components shared across all of their pages, news posts, video content, staff pages and more! The flexible nature of the site also empowered Metron’s internal team to create customizable pages for all their content needs – now and in the future.

A few additional highlights on the website include complete archives of their audio and pdf content, as well as robust project timelines on all of the project pages. There’s also an interactive timeline of the company’s impressive 70+ year history!